a model of what that airport is supposed to look like in June 2000.

Ironworkers were employed by: Tutor Saliba (general contractor), Herrick (structural), C. E. Toland (miscellaneous), Bostrom Bergen, Columbia, Besam (mechanical doors, glass), Harmon (glass composite), and a bunch more companies that aren't coming to mind, including the millwright composite company. You'd think I could at least come up with the rebar companies' names--many, many tons of rebar.
the entrance to the airport(98K) one of the future parking garages(78K)
a view of the third floor,
south end. my work area
for a very long time.(117K)
the third floor, staring out,
as I was often doing.(137K)
this is all the steel keeping the roof up.(117K) the crane that is being used
to put up the lite rail system. (98K)
Happy Holidays at the airport.
early morning at sfo Looking up at the new
bamboo plants. No pandas
Dennis and Harvey install
Louvered windows for the
gun rooms located in

also: try looking at www.flysfo.com --there's a section on the construction project.

And there's some union action going on at the terminal itself: union air