click the above image to learn more about this project from the source--the Pacific Bell phone book.
Looking up King Street
from the 4th Street Muni
the precast erectors guys
doing just that.(78K)
tower crane above Pac Bell.
Some precast stand supports
are set.(59K)
the stadium in June.(59K) Here's a view across the
future playing field. (98K)
lunch behind home plate
with Eddy, Alys, Ray,
and Emanuel.(59K)
Rich doing something.
I think he's trying to weld.(78K)
Imprisoned by some of the
miles of rail I'll be installing. (59K)M
Ray and me working. Really! (78K)J Ray and me working again. 78K)J This is where Joe lives.
He can be very grumpy. (39K)J
Connecting the clock tower.(59K) The clock tower, again. (98K) Because of safety issues,
some connections were
made off of jlg's. (117K)
Here's the street side of the
park w/o precast. (20K)J
And some precast.(20K)J And some more....(20K)J
And that's about that. (20K)J some guys setting that precast.(117K) setting some precast off the
ramp. (117K)
Here's the bowl, facing in
the direction of home plate. (59K)J
And some installed precast
Eddy sitting in the middle,
enjoying the seat while he
can. (273K)
Some of the rebar going
into the job.(59K)J
Some of the rebar behind
the ramp I work on.(39K)J
Here's the cement pump.
It's just a nice picture.
You can even see the Bay
Bridge in the background.
Taking down the center
tower crane.Wee men in
the basket. (59K)
Better view of what goes
on. The crawler's doing
the work. (78K)
You can see some of the
other work going on in S.F.
off of the ballpark. Lots of
tower cranes in the area.(98K)
This here is Margaret. Most
of these next pictures are
hers. and they're mostly in
chronological order. (59K)M
This here's a picture of the
site before they demo-ed
the pre-existing structures.
SME raises some steel. (117K)M
The columns of rebar in
January. Nothing' much
is there yet and everything's
kind of a mess.(137K)M
Here's another view. (117K)M They're erecting the ramp
I'm going to spend so much
quality time on. (137K)M
2/99--SME's Jeff and
Dave bring on the deck.
Here's the park from the
east facing the city.
(117K) M
3/99--the lead infested
yard. I think those big
green columns are for
supporting the top level
of seating.(176K)M
flying up the cantilever
trusses. (156K)M
setting the truss cross-
set and rusting. don't
worry--they'll look nice
in time for the first game.
Eddy on the forklift,
and me trying to get
that rail onto the ramp.
Plumbing up the bents
with chain come-a-longs.
Connecting the canopy
over the upper seating.
May '99(78K)M
Rico smoking some steel.
Scaling and tying
rebar columns.(117K)M
The raising gang on
the roof. (117K)M
The ballfield/yard
all full of bents.
(At least I think they're
called bents.)(137K)M
Ray watching Eddy
weld. No wonder
he's got headaches!
It's June and there's
more pre-cast.(98K)M
Looking into the
service level from
the main level.
Welding in pre-cast(98K)M
The steel has safety
posts and cable placed 
before flying it up so that
connectors have some-
thing to tie off to.
"Tie--don't die!" as the
SME stickers say...(98K)M
The 2nd Street ramp.
The decking is in place
so that more steel can be
raised above it. (98K)M
To the right, a tower
crane. Toward the left,
the top of a clock tower.
The bents have temporary
angles across the tops
to support scaffolding for
the connectors of the 2nd
half of the bents.
The ball park as seen
from somewhere in the
bay. Obviously, from
July 2, 1999(117K)M
Connecting a cantilever.
Elmer and an inspector
talking in the foreground.
Omari and Terry on top,
I think. I've never seen
Terry with a belt on, so I'm
not sure it's them. (117K)M
Same thing,
different view.
Connecting the upper
concourse off of JLG's.
Can't quite tell who it
is. They do good work
though. (117K)M
Photos by Margaret the sheet metal worker are noted with "M." Photos by Joe the elevator guy are noted with "J." If I've got a picture of you or a friend and you want to be acknowledged, drop me an e-line. If you'd like a copy of a picture, I'll try and get you one, one way or another.
also: check out the live camera feeds as well as the computer model of the future Pac Bell Park.
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