Some of my favorite ironworkers

I've worked with most of these people at one time or another, and I haven't gotten photos for a lot of them that should be here. But, as with the rest of the web site, this is a start.

*My "Mother" Dan Smith*

Matt Nivins--in the trade at least
35 years and retired. He's one of
the nicest foremen I've worked for, and
he'd better enjoy his retirement, or else.

Super Santos off to build America!
Watch out evil-doers--he's got Power
Pills! (He's in disguise to protect his
secret identity, and mostly to protect
himself from certain womenfolk.
Tisk tisk., the weasel!)

these two freaks Alys and Eddy are
very safety conscious. Alys hates this
picture, but I don't have a better one yet.

"Rico"--the coolest. I personally think
he's called "Rico" because he is so

Mike Guy--underneath that calm exterior
beats the heart of a heavy metal hero.
(he's the drummer)
they're big in Europe.

this is Wai Tai Yip. Employed
in the community for
years, and stepped up to join
the union. Although some concerns
that his English is a little rough,
it's not bad if you just listen a little.
I've seen this guy at a bunch of
union meetings (that I've
been to). That, *and* he's a cool
guy to work with.

Gary and John, happy together.
(And Andy in the background.)
Gary's retired. Good for you
Gary! Sad for me...

Ronnie Miller (1961-1999)
loved his whiskey only less than ironworking.
See you on the big job, you jerk.

Jess, the legend, the bad man, unfortunately
standing in a pool of muck.

It's Clean! Something's wrong with
this boy's head...

Mike. King of Dorks.

not such a good pic
of gun totin', crime
bustin', teeth gnashin',
harness wearing Todd.

J.R. and Big DAVE!
major sweethearts!
(not necessarily of each
other, I mean)

Mike Rau. I worked for
Harmon a couple of days
and got a handshake and
a thanks, and I said, "Is
it layoff time already?"
but he actually meant it!
weird, eh?

"Canary" John from AZ.
one of the nicest partners
ever! Got a lot of pics from
him & will get around to
posting most of them, really!

Wayne and Mark!
Wayne looks a little more
Frankenstein-y these days
and better not be falling off
any more trucks, or else!

Ray's one of the few
S.F. natives i know, but
he works out of 378.
go figure.

here's my brother Pittsburgh
native (steel city, eh bro?)
and another great partner.
You know dat? (heh heh)

internet buddy in the
flesh--Mr Johnny O' Kane
from local 433.

I haven't gotten around to getting my pictures together like I should, so I'll mention some of the names of people I ought to have pictures of: Harold Evans, my mentor since apprentice school; Poppa Sam Bryant; riviMike, whose last name i can't spell; Kelly Easley, one of the coolest people I know; Terry Anders, always a help in a pinch; Lee Newgent, internet gentleman from the northwest; Brian Mulligan--never at a loss for words; Ron Koski; Andy Peerand; Tom "The Hogg" Collins--"in the neck!" just retired Oct 2001; Larry Wilson (big sweetheart!) just retired, Oct 2001; J.P. Shaw; Jim Rue; Peggy Phelps; Dennis French; Junior "Bunny"; Terry "Limey" Strobel of local 40, makes us proud; Doug Calkins, my hero local 24; Lee Barron, baron of bolt up; Paul (lots of Pauls, many whose last names I forget); Danny Prince, Guy Johnson, etc., etc....

I'll have all your mug shots here....uh....eventually...