Hey folks, I'm not involved with the Iwmc here--Since Big Dave passed on and John got married and Clean had another kid, boyfriend doesn't ride etc., etc., I'm doing other things. Marcus Moreno has declared himself president, so go talk to him.


Red & White Poker Run 8/28/05

ooh la la! John & Rich in front of the New Century....
Big Dave is not hard to spot in a crowd.
Woody & 378ers hanging around. No, I don't know how to use this camera....
Hi Clean!
Here we are! What did I win? NOTHING!
No, I really hated the band.

sorry. no more pictures from me......gotta learn how

to use the camera......

ah, the smell of burnouts! or as they say "the smell of money...."

Red & White Poker Run 9/12/04

(pictures taken by John the King)

crap. who are all these creeps? you'd think one of these Daves would buy me another beer.

(these pictures taken by Big "Daddy" Dave)

When Big Dave says he want you to take a picture, you'd better like it. I'vebeen to the Main Mast in the morning before, but it's usually not this fun. And not so many bikes.
Vrrrroom. Freaky Ray and his lady.
Lee "the Barron of bolt-up" to her right, Rich (who now has a new awesome bike) to her left. Lucky lady in the middle. Lee finds true love...



the ride south

Big "Daddy" Dave & his shiney Harley.

378/790 Poker Run

(pictures taken by Big Dave)

hanging out for a group picture
Jerry's got other plans....
Allen & John--do you know how use any other fingers?
Carrie & other 378ers....uh....
this group was too pretty to ignore...
Clean Dave and other disreputable types.
What makes Big Dave happier than hanging out with one female ironworker/ biker?